Meet the 2024 Semifinalists

2024 GAMIC Semifinalists

Nineteen global startups from eight states and seven countries have been selected to present their innovations at the semifinals for the 16th GAMIC competition.

AlGalCo – Indianapolis, IN

Supplemental hydrogen on demand from aluminum and water for Diesel engines, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.           

Banf  – Seoul, Korea

Real-time truck tire profile ‘direct sensing’ system to improve safety and optimize tire performance.

Bucha Bio, Houston, TX

We work with naturally abundant bio-based components to create the next generation of ethical materials for leather, injection molding plastic, and synthetic fabric.

Holoptic – Tel Aviv, Israel

Holoptic is a leading developer of transparent holographic displays (THDs) for augmented reality (AR) and infotainment applications, including Head-Up Displays (HUD.

Inner BV – Amstelveen, Netherlands

Patented Hi-Resolution X-Ray system 0ptimizing the use of EV batteries in cars & second-life applications

MellowVans – Capetown, South Africa

Electric delivery vehicles that provide low cost, efficient and emission-free utility services in cities.

Natrion Inc. – Champaign, IL

Lithium Solid Ionic Composite (LISIC),  a solid-state electrolyte material that reduces or eliminates the content of liquid electrolyte inside of Li-ion batteries, enabling safe, high-performance battery manufacture.

New Day Hydrogen, Inc. – Denver, CO

NDH develops hydrogen micro-hubs centered around its HubStarter hydrogen fueling station design.

NEXTdriver – Delft, Netherlands

Personal and scalable coaching platform, thatsaves up to 10% on fuel consumption and realises up to 47%  damage reduction through driving behaviour coaching.

PeerConnect – San Diego, CA

A unique Software solution allowing media rich point-to-point communication without relying on HW.

RobotAI – Haifa, Israel

RobotAI software detects 3D position of objects from a single RGB.  RobotAI uses any single camera to estimate 3D position of objects and adapt robot position according to the measured information.

SiWeGO – Smart Eco Transport – Rovereto, IT

SiWeGO fills & sells the spare space of any vehicle with real-time matching.

SkillReal – Ramat Gan, Israel

The first solution that enables use of standard low-cost cameras for dimensional inspection at sub-mm accuracy for manufacturing lines.

Soteria Battery Innovation – Greenville, SC

Our technology provides safety, improved LiIon battery weight and energy density.

TGO – London, UK

Unique touch and gesture sensing smart polymers, creating ability to create true 3D shapes with complete design freedom.

The Hago Energetics Company – Los Angeles, CA

We make carbon negative hydrogen for the transportation sector, starting with inexpensive waste material.                           

Torev Motors – Arlington, VA

Torev’s patented motor technology reduces rare earth consumption without sacrificing efficiency or size.

VePa Vertical Parking – Munich, Germany

Parking towers for space-saving and environmentally conscious parking spaces with charging capability.

Vugo – Miami, FL

AI-Powered Mobility Media platform for rideshare vehicles, taxicabs, fleets, autonomous vehicles, and other mobility providers.

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