What type of companies can apply to compete in GAMIC?

Early-stage automotive and mobility companies with a new technology are welcome to apply to compete in GAMIC. Both hardware and software solutions for either Original Equipment (factory installed) or aftermarket are welcome. For the criteria and innovation categories, please visit the Competition page. 

Is GAMIC another business pitch competition?

No; GAMIC is a challenge to see if early start-up companies have what it takes to get their businesses to the next level. GAMIC’s focus is on accelerating the commercialization of innovative new technologies in the automotive/mobility space, which begins with giving the start-ups the coaching and business development support they need to grow their companies. Instead of large cash prizes, GAMIC provides industry-specific training, and targeted strategic partner and customer introductions, as well as a continuum of commercialization assistance –more than $300,000 each year – from service providers with deep knowledge of the automotive and mobility space.

What types of commercialization assistance does GAMIC provide?

GAMIC provides a full spectrum of business development support from in-kind partners with expertise in the automotive and mobility spaces. Seasoned mentors help competitors improve their business presentations and value propositions throughout the competition. The strategic commercialization assistance awarded to winners after the competition features everything from marketing/messaging and intellectual property support, to access to top technology accelerators and facilitated introductions to potential partners or Original Equipment decision-makers.

What benefit do attendees receive from going to GAMIC?

GAMIC attendees receive a first look at new and innovative automotive/mobility technologies, and at the up-and-coming startups behind those technologies. Not only do they have an opportunity to watch the competitors’ presentations and hear the judges’ feedback, attendees also have the opportunity to see presentations by industry experts speaking about technology trends and growth. In addition, GAMIC attendees can participate in networking and relationship-building with industry professionals, influencers and investors present at the event.

Are there any geographic restrictions on the companies that compete in GAMIC?

No; GAMIC is a global competition.  Participants from around the world have competed in GAMIC in previous years and are encouraged to do so in the future. This includes entrants from Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Taiwan, among many others. A Regional Quarter-final Round also takes place in Ontario, Canada. If companies located outside the U.S. cannot compete in the early rounds of the competition in-person, they may do so remotely.