Meet the Semifinalists 2020

Meet the 2020 GAMIC Semifinalists

Twenty three start-ups from seven states and five countries have been selected as this year’s Semi-finals for the 12th annual GAMIC competition.

The semifinalists are:

  • AC Biode: First-ever stand-alone Alternating Current batteries (patents-pending) versus current-technology DC batteries.  AC batteries are more efficient and are up to 30% more compact than DC batteries.  Chiba, Japan     
  •  Apostera: Mixed Reality solutions for the companies developing Augmented Reality Heads-up Displays, for Navigation Suppliers, and for OEMs.  Our solution – based on augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV) and sensor fusion technologies – adds a layer of intelligence to traditional navigation systems by merging the virtual and real worlds to help drivers understand more precisely where to maneuver their vehicle.  Munich, Germany                                   
  •  Bareways: Bareways is developing middleware software for rural areas, providing not only optimized routing but also real-time information about passability and road conditions.          Lübeck, Germany  
  •  Bettery: BETTERY’s vision is a change of paradigm in energy storage and distribution for a new, sustainable circular energy economy.   Bettery is introducing NESSOX, the green liquid battery with the highest specific energy and safety, and the lowest cost and recharge time ever reported.  Bologna, Italy                    
  •  Caliber Data Labs: At Caliber Data Labs, our flagship edge-first platform, SceneBox, simplifies the collection, discovery, and management of large volumes of data such as high-resolution images, lidars, and videos.  This AI workflow management enables companies in perception-heavy application spaces such as autonomous vehicles, surveillance, and industrial robotics to spend their time on product development, instead of building AI models.  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada     
  •  Dilatant: The Dilatant mission is to become the recognized leader, utilizing Shear Thickening Fluid, of products that provide superior protection against violent head and neck motion as compared to impact-resistant helmets.  Kansas City, MO               http://www.Dilatant.Tech
  • Drive Trust: The DriveTrust camera is aimed at analyzing driving and driving-behavior in real-time. Our product has two cameras, one looking on the road and one inside the cockpit – which can detect tailgating, lane-centric driving / irregular lane departures, drowsiness, distraction, speeding, aggressive driving and more – for fleet managers.  Bretagne, France       
  • E-GAP: E-GAP provides on-demand mobile charging services for electric vehicles by means of a mobile charging system, transported in a vehicle, which is also electric.  Rome, Italy
  • e-skin Displays: e-skin Displays has invented and created angle-independent, nano-structural color flakes – like the wings of a butterfly or the feathers of a peacock – with rich, vivid and bright colors that will never fade over centuries. The structural color flakes can be formulated into paint, cosmetics, printer ink, color displays, health monitors, radiation reflectors or power generators.  Pleasanton, CA                
  • GHOST – feel it: GHOST – feel it offers a development environment to make machine-human interaction more intuitive, faster and more personal through information transfer via the sense of touch. The development environment allows the creation of advanced and multi-dimensional haptic interfaces and also links all relevant market participants via the higher-level platform.  Berlin, Germany               
  • HERO Bike: Hero Bike is introducing the first throttle-assisted, push-button motion-activation ebike.  Available in Europe on a pay-per-minute basis, our bike does not require a single effort to move, while having the security and comfort of a strong bike.  Brussels, Belgium
  •  Infinite A.I.: Our product is Providence, the most advanced A.I.-powered human companion for detecting human emotional, biological, and psychological states.  Omaha, NE
  • Intvo: Intvo is focused on the smart software solution of using AI to observe, predict, and classify pedestrian behavior, enabling autonomous vehicles to better understand humans behavior and to be safe for their surroundings.  Ann Arbor, MI                    
  • MikErik Innovations: We created a device that allows for real-time communication and notification if a child or elderly person is left unattended in a vehicle.  The device can also be used as a form of security in certain situations or monitoring of certain areas.  Denton, TX               website n/a
  •  Novac Supercap: Novac Supercap manufactures an innovative, shapable, all-solid-state structural supercapacitor. These unique supercapacitors provide supercar manufacturers with greater freedom to design and locate their vehicle supercapacitors, enhancing design flexibility and safety.  Modena, Italy        
  •  Proof Energy: Proof Energy is revolutionizing the future of power generation in transportation and stationary generator markets. Our 50kW Power Module uses Direct Ethanol Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology licensed from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. As fuel cell range-extender, it significantly reduces the size and cost of battery pack enabling medium and heavy duty EV market.            Dublin, CA     
  •  Quick Turn Studio: SevenIDE is a complete software solution product family – including a visual design studio, a highly optimized 3D runtime for superior graphics performance, and an innovative connectivity platform – for the design and engineering of digital HMI and UI for automotive and other embedded applications.  Berlin, Germany                    
  •  RecallRabbit: 1 in 4 cars in the US – over 58 million units today – has an outstanding recall.  Dealers are by law only allowed to fix recalls on their own brands, leaving millions of used cars for sale on dealers’ lots that have unaddressed recalls on them.  We are like Match.Com for dealers, connecting them to get the open recalls on their lots fixed.  Round Rock, TX               
  •  Serinus Labs: Serinus Labs has developed early-warning technology to predict battery failure and potential fire and explosion hazard in Electric Vehicle (EV) lithium-ion battery modules. Berkeley, CA         
  •  Sowda Engines and Compressors: The Sowda engine is the most revolutionary engine design since the Wankel engine, with the Sowda® Engine mechanism resulting in the most fuel-efficient engine in the world.  This high-efficiency is accomplished by providing an infinitely variable compression ratio and True Atkinson to the conventional 4-cycle engine.  Pittsburgh, PA                   
  • Teporto: Teporto enables a new commute modality, optimizing flexibility and traveling time while keeping the cost affordable for everyday commute.  Tel Aviv, Israel
  •  Tesseract Structural Innovations: The TSI Uniform Deceleration Unit or UDU, is a unique composite structure – consisting of a high-strength, low-density cast aluminum ‘foam’ surrounded by a novel high-strength aluminum skin structure – designed to fit into the wheel well of virtually any light-duty vehicle, and which limits the transfer of crash forces while maximizing energy-absorbing deformation.  Fayetteville, AR     
  • Volvero : Volvero is an app (a marketplace), based on blockchain technologies, where owners (private and professional) can share their vehicles with the community.  Our service reduces the number of vehicles wandering in the cities, traffic and pollution – resulting in a decrease in the demand for spaces for parking.  San Francisco, CA  


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