Meet the Semifinalists 2019

Meet the 2019 GAMIC Semifinalists

Twenty two start-ups from seven states and five countries have been selected as this year’s Semi-finals for the 11th annual GAMIC competition. Click here for a copy of the SAE/GAMIC press release.

The semifinalists are:

  • 14bis Supply Tracking: 14bis Supply Tracking improves supply chains with proprietary middleware that transforms the way assets are controlled and profitability managed, eliminating paper-based documentation systems by leveraging advanced blockchain technology as a secure interoperability layer.  This system is able to read any tagging mechanism and automatically update any industry software system.  Houston, TX
  • Bedestrian:  Bedestrian is a last mile delivery company utilizing a driverless vehicle system consisting of a pilot vehicle and a modular trailer for indoor and outdoor (Urban) delivery.
  • Bmmpr: The Smart Alarm for Cars. Notifications in around 6 seconds if something’s disturbed your vehicle.
  • CaareSys:  Caaresys developed contactless occupancy and passenger state monitoring solution that connects passengers to the future cockpit. By monitoring the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant, Caaresys can minimize the effect of human factor and save thousands of lives!
  • CarbonCap: CarbonCap manufactures an innovative shapeable all-solid-state structural supercapacitor, providing automotive manufacturers with the freedom to redesign and relocate their supercapacitors for design flexibility, enhanced safety and improved performance. Modena, Italy
  • Energsoft:  Energsoft is a software analytics platform for batteries and energy storage. We help OEM’s and energy storage manufacturing find defects, understand performance and select the best batteries for products.
  • Enviro Clean Diesel: The Diesel Particulate Removal System (DPRS) utilizes a unique plasma-emitting probe installed into a diesel exhaust pipe which vaporizes particulate matter. Benefits: Improved fuel efficiency and reduced downtime. No regeneration cycle or diesel exhaust fluid needed. Less soot and NOx.
  • GBatteries:  GBatteries’ technology enables li-ion batteries to charge ultra-fast while retaining long cycle life. ActiveBMS is a charging protocol that significantly improves battery performance without altering its chemistry or manufacturing process.
  • HBS Systems: Our patent pending technology controls postural sway to reduce energy spent on balance and unlocks the knees for proper hip hinge to reduce lower back pain, strain and injury.
  • JoyRide Technologies: Joyride is a global micromobility platform that helps cities reduce their carbon footprint by enabling sustainable transportation. Joyride allows local operators launch a fleet of bikes or scooters anywhere in the world.
  • MothersonOssia: MothersonOssia focuses on the global integration of Cota Real Wireless Power technology into mobility applications, including passenger, commercial, and public transportation vehicles. The Cota technology is delivery of wireless power over distance to multiple devices without the need for cables, batteries or charging pads.
  • NiveauUp: Technology Leader of eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC) batteries.
  • NPI Mobile: NPI Mobile is the Intellectual Property holder & Technology developer of street-level sensor & wireless communications for the intelligent infrastructure, contributing to verticals such as: Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of Things, Mobile Data and Smart Cities.
  • Orbitless Drives: ORBITLESS is a patented, novel low loss gearbox platform enabling ultra-low noise, super high-efficiency gear-heads ideally suited for electric motor applications.
  • Retrospect:  Retrospect’s development and deployment tool monitors the controls of an automated vehicle (AV) in a safe matter.  It does not depend on AI, rather it monitors the decisions that AI makes.  Ann Arbor, MI
  • S3D Precision Dispensing: S3D creates specialty print heads and compound ink formulas that enable the manufacturing of flexible, embedded sensors, actuators, and electronics onto contoured and textured surfaces. S3D provides the enabling technology for next generation electronics.
  • SafeMode Tech: SafeMode’s cloud-based solution enhances fleets’ safety and efficiency by shifting the focus to the drivers.
  • Turboroto: A better electromagnetic solution for motors.
  • VectorZero: VectorZero builds interactive road modeling and traffic simulation software. Our main product, RoadRunner, significantly speeds the creation of detailed road networks for simulation and testing.
  • VizierTech: Vizier Tech is a product company focused on mobility and clean energy solutions.
  • Voxel51: Find the signal in the noise of your camera sensor data using our automotive grade computer vision platform.
  • WaveSense:  WaveSense enables the safest and most reliable navigation for self-driving vehicles by creating and tracking against subterranean maps of our roadways using ground-penetrating radar.

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