Meet the Finalists 2018

Meet the 2018 GAMIC Finalists
Twelve innovative start-ups from five countries and five states have been selected as this year’s Finals of the 10th annual GAMIC competition.  Their individual profiles are as follows:

Arbor Automation – Ann Arbor, MI
• Arbor Automation software makes it simple and fast to prototype parts on CNC machine tools. Our web platform will allows customers to upload 3D CAD files and download process plans and executable machine code (G-Code) to immediately run on any CNC machine in their shop.

ClearFlame Engines – Chicago, IL
• ClearFlame Engines has developed an alternatively-fueled, drop-in-ready engine for the heavy-duty market that affords massive carbon mitigation while providing markedly better performance. The engine reduces fuel costs by double-digits relative to diesel and compressed-natural-gas engines, while also reducing CO2 emissions by at least 10%.

Eclypses – Colorado Spring, CO
• Eclypses solves the challenge of “Real Data” being exposed during a data exchange to a hacking event by replacing actual data with MicroToken Clusters throughout the information transmission process.

GhostWave – Columbus, OH
• GhostWave manufactures radar systems immune from mutual interference, and which improve ADAS system performance by discriminating between high priority and low priority objects.

Parkofon – Alexandria, VA
• Parkofon’s all-in-one hands-free parking device removes the need for meters and other parking payment systems.

Pitstop Predictive Maintenance – Waterloo, ONT, Canada
• Connecting directly into the vehicle’s CPU, Pitstop Predictive Maintenance can predict and communicate pending vehicle failures, maintenance needs and vehicle-related data to consumers and service centers in real time.

SafeMode Tech – Tel Aviv, Israel
• SafeMode is a lifesaving system which combines a present-day solution for improving human driver behavior and a future vision for autonomous car predictive analytics for human driver behaviors.

Scientel – Novi, MI
• Developer of the industry’s first NoSQL DB, Scientel’s new SQL DB can process Big Data up to 1000 times faster with massively parallel processing on HPC systems and Supercomputers.

SkyBridge Infotech – Tamil Nadu, India; Warren, MI
• SkyBridge InfoTech ‘s Mobile App is used by automotive dealership sales consultants and managers for tracking and managing leads at each step of the sales process and doubling the lead conversion rate.

Spectalite! – Detroit, MI
• Spectalite! is an advanced engineering and materials manufacturer which engineers and manufactures lightweight, cost-effective, strong and durable, sustainable and eco-friendly plastics and composites incorporating bamboo.


Trillium Secure – Tokyo, Japan
• Trillium Secure develops and markets custom, multi-layer adaptive cyber-systems for vehicular and transportation applications for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Vartega – Golden, CO
• Vartega creates low-cost recycled carbon fiber to enable mobility solutions such as battery technology, connectivity, and autonomy. Vartega’s carbon fiber is used specifically for vehicle lightweighting to improve fuel economy, increase electric vehicle range, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.